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Hair Transplants for Men in New York

Manhattan, New York City

Over 50 million men suffer hair loss in the United States. For the younger man premature balding is an embarrassment and is perceived as a deterrent to one's professional and social life. In older men going bald will bring up important human issues as the loss of vitality, virility, and even one's mortality.

The most common and most reliable surgical treatment for hair loss is Hair Transplantation. Nearly 300,000 procedures are performed annually. Hair transplantation has undergone major changes since the mid to late 80's, and nearly 300,000 procedures are performed annually. With the advent of minigrafts and micrografts,hair transplantation can produce very natural results. The basis for hair transplantation is that when hair is taken from donor areas where hair continues to be abundant, such as the back of the head and is planted in areas of hair loss, the transplanted hair will take on the characteristics of the donor area and will continue to grow.

The Hair Transplantation Procedure
The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. It consists of four parts. First, the hair is removed from the donor area in strips. Then, the strips are divided into mini and micrografts. Tiny holes are created in the bald area to prepare it to receive the grafts. Finally, the grafts are gently inserted into the new site.

Manhattan Male Hair TransplantsOmnigraft Technology
We are proud to be the first center to introduce the use of the Omnigraft technology in the Northeast. A new innovation, the Omnigraft machine reduces the operative time for hair transplantation by nearly half! This causes far less fatigue and discomfort to the patient. We will be helping to teach other doctors the use of this ultra advanced technology. Performing hair transplantation with the Omnigraft is like flying to London by Concorde instead of by regular jet.

The patient wears a head dressing overnight. The following day the dressing is removed, the hair is shampooed, and the patient may return to work(if not strenuous). Stitches in the back of the head are removed in 2 weeks. Hair begins to grow in 3-4 months and has reached its full density in 6-9 months.


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